How to burn RAR dvd's

This can't directly as you wish.
The most movies that people share do you see in the fileformat .rar
in peaces of 50MB with a total size of 4,7 gig (DVD size).
To watch the movie you will need some software like:
Winrar and NeroBurningRom.
After you download the total dvd are you ready to unpack him with Winrar.
How Winrar works can you find on google and ofcourse the helpfile from Winrar self.
When you have unpack all the rar files you will see an image file like: (iso, nrg, img.).
The iso and nrg file can you burn with Nero, the img file can you burn with Alcohol120%.
After you have burn the dvd you can watch him in allmost all the standalone dvd players.
It can happens that you will find .vob, .bup and .ifo files,
You can drag these directly to Nero and burn them then.