What is TS, TC, DVDSCR, Cam and more

CAM - A CAM release is mostly made with a Cam recorder in the cinema.

TELESYNC (TS) - A Telesync is of the same quality as a CAM release,
Only this release is using a external sound source like a connection for bad hearing people.

TELECINE (TC) - a Telecine machine copy? the movie digital from a filmband.
Sound and picture are very good, but the used machine are very expensive and rare.

SCREENER (SCR) - A Pre VHS tape, send tape to the videostore and locations to promote them.
A screener is on a VHS tape and mostly on 4:3 format (full screen) and sometimes a letterbox screen.

DVD-SCREENER (DVDscr) - Same story as the Screener but this time a DVD.

DVDRip - A copy of the Retail version (for sale) DVD.

VHSRip - This releases comes from a Retail VHS Tape.

TVRip - TV episodes that are copyed from the cablenetwork of sattalite.

PDTV - This is a copy from a digital TV PCI Card, Mostly are this with the best quality.

DivX Re-Enc - A DivX Re-Enc is a movie that has a VCD source, and is recoded to a smal DivX file.

PDVD's - Have the same content as a DVD. They have subtitles
PROPER - PROPER is a subjective tag in the scene and many people have the discusion of the PROPER release is better then the original release.

LIMITED - A Limited movie, mostly with a short period in the cinema, mostly not more the 250 cinemas.

INTERNAL - An Internal realease Een Internal release is done for various reasons.
Older DVD release groups have make a lot of INTERNAL releases, and they are not copied.

STV - Straight To Video are movies that don't have made it to the cinema, they are directly available on video/DVD.

ASPECT RATIO TAGS - This are WS (Wide Screen) letterbox and FS (Full Screen) 4:3 format.

NUKED - A movie can be nuked by different reasons.

DUPE - Dupe is simple. Something that is allready released and don't have to release again witouth good reason.