PtokaX Manual

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Here we explain howto setup PtokaX

As first you must download PtokaX (when you didnt do that allready)

PtokaX Main Window

After you have opend PtokaX you will see this window.

fill there the box Hubname, Hubdescription, Hubaddress, Hubport (mostly 411).
Redirect address is useful when you have a friend with a hub, when a user cant enter your hub he will send to your friends hub.
MOTD, here you can make (like all hubs) a cool ascii picture with some text (rules network info, hubinfo ect)

PtokaX Regs and Bans

Here you can register users in your hub (also with commands see when hub is online !help)
as first you must register your self there as master (this is importand, you cant run a own hub as user :P).
In this window you can also see which users and IP's are banned out your hub (tempban, permanentban and kick).

PtokaX Rules

Here you can make up your hub rules, minshare, min open slots ect.
also a hub/slot ratio (when a user is in 5 hubs he must have 5 open slots to enter your hub)
Users without DC Tag is a users where you cant see in how many hubs he is or how many slots he have open.
Leave this window standart when you gonna use a bot like Robocop, Terminator or Leviathan!!

PtokaX Options

In the tab Options you can change all kinds of settings, like that opchat name and the hub bot name.
In this tab you must play a litle bit with the settings to make them as you want.

PtokaX Deflood

In the tab Deflood (anti-Flood) you can setup how many times users may say something in mainchat (3 lines in 1 minut), but also how many times the may reconnect (1 time in 2 min).
When the users down follow this rules you can setup that they get a kick, ban, warn, disconnect or ignore.

You must place the bots and scripts in the folder Scripts (You can find the Scripts folder in here)