DC++ Manual

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When you have installed DC++, the setup window will be opened automaticly.

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In the most hubs you must have share.
Click on Add Folder to make a choise which folder you want to share.

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After you have add the folders DC++ will hash your share, that takes a few minutes (when you have much share it takes more minutes).

When you have add the share its time to search for a hub.
Click on the icon of PublicHubs:
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Then the window publichubs opens.
You can filter by hubname (when you are searching for dvds just type DVD and you will find hubs where they want users with dvd's).

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When you have found a hub it's time to download, there are 2 ways to do that.


Get filelist of an user.

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Search function.

Click on the Search icon and the search function will be opened,
type the filename in you want to download and you see the users who have the files.

This is an basic explenation about DC++, when you got more questions or you don't understand it
please mail us to get an answer for your questions.