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Do you have DC++ running on Passive mode and you dont know how to set it up to Active?

The benefits are:
You get more search results from the other users, with Passive mode you get the search results from the hub.

You can get more then 5 results, with Passive mode you get 5 results.

You can download from all users, with Passive mode only from Active mode users.

To be an Active mode user you have to open a port. (a port is like a house door, when the door is closed no one can enter, this is with a port in a router the same)

To start, you have to know what the IP address is from your router. You can do that on this way:

Goto Start then click on "Run" this window wil open:

Run Window Run Window
Type there "cmd" and press "enter" or click on "OK"

Now you will see that there is opening a DOS window, type there ipconfig
You will get the followd information:

IP Config Window IP Config

Now you have to open internet explore (or what you use) and go to that IP.
You have to login to your router and then go to the menu "Firewall" or "Advanced".
If you find Port forwarding then click on Add.

Port Forwarding Port Forwarding

After you filled in the IP address of your computer and the port name, you can click on Add, Save, Apply or which button you have. Now is the Port open!

Now you have to configure DC++ to use the port, thats easy to do,

DC++ Settings DC++ Settings

Fill in your External IP address (Click here to find youre IP address)
By the fiel Port, you fill in the port that uyou have opened.

After you did this are you ready to use DC++ as an Active Mode User!.

Good luck :)